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Uncategorized - March 17, 2023

Welcome to 2.0!

Exciting New Time at SafeStreamers

Here at SafeStreamers! We have a big announcement today, and that announcement is we are moving into a 2.0 version of the site.

I have been wanting to streamline the site and make it more functional for awhile, and the old site was just not allowing me to do that. Unfortunately we had to take the old side entirely down, and you will have to create new accounts and profiles. The plus side of this new site is it looks better, functions better, and I believe drive more people to your content. Please take the time today to create a new account and setup your profiles. We are moving in a new direction to help grow SafeStreamers and to bring more eyes on SafeStreamers and your content. With that said we need your help to do that. We need you creating your account and completely setting up your profile, and lastly telling others about SafeStreamers. We do not want SS just to be a place where you get on a Stream Team.

We want this to be a true community of content creators and viewers. We can’t achieve that goal if you are just here to get on a stream team or have your content listed. We need and want you to buy into what we are doing. The best way to do that is be active on Discord and active on the site. Thank you all for being apart of this, and I believe God is going to use you and SafeStreamers!

Features To Engage (Be Active) With:
1. Discord
2. Site Profile
3. Site Groups
4. Site Forums 5. Site Blogs

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Welcome to 2.0!

March 17, 2023